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Who We Are

"We are three very unique individuals with strengths and weaknesses we are working with and leaning into for a dream of a better community"


TransNetwork, Inc is building a community where trans and gender expansive people thrive as healthy, connected and supported members of society. 

Meet Our Team

Tristan Byrnes, LMHC

As a Transgender male with over 10 years as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Tristan knows first hand the need for access to healthcare and community resources. During his years of facilitating transgender support groups, he saw first hand the saving power of community and connection. Being a father, he is fiercely protective of youth and wants to ensure transgender youth know they are seen and they are not being tossed aside or eliminated. Though his advocacy is usually one on one with counseling, he was an organizer of St Petersburg Transgender Day of Remembrance for many years, sat on the advisory board for Transaction FL and enjoys educating on the Trans community in many avenues.

Andy Citino

As a performer, Andy Citino essentially transitioned on stage during an 8-year career as the drag king, 6pak. With this experience, he began to see the need to help educate many within his own community and the general public at large, about the many challenges that trans individuals face. He’s helped guide and support the trans community in various ways, from being the first trans man to be featured on the cover of Watermark in 2008, contributing to USF’s LGBT Historical Audio Archives, and as a one of the coordinators of St Pete TDOR for many years. After retiring from performing, Andy and his wife opened a small business catering to the LGBTQI community, serving as a safe space for all. His passions drive him to work towards ensuring every trans and gender expansive person has access to the support needed for their total well-being, knowing the power of connection and unity will enforce what should be guaranteed, Trans rights are human rights

Andre Clarke

Raised internationally in a multi-cultural family, Andre learned from an early age that differences are simply opportunities to build understanding and that our similarities must always be the starting point of any conversation. He firmly believes that equality should never be a privilege and no existence should ever be denied. Personally, Andre has learned that through adversity, when there looks like there is no way out of the tunnel, human connection and compassionate support can save lives. This connection is what drives his desire to open doors, have the difficult conversations, and advocate for joining of voices demanding to be heard. Having settled in Saint Petersburg in 2009, Andre has seen the changes in our political and social landscape and knows that now is the time to unite and act to safeguard what we still have and restore what is being stripped away.

Dr. Kathleen Farrell

What is My TransNetwork?

Honestly, we are still working out the details, pulling in support, building alliances, negotiating partnerships, in short, organizing a network of resources to help support, empower and care for the trans and expansive community. We are all watching in horror as rights and access to healthcare are being stripped away from us, not just in Florida but the nation. For every preserving win there are three or more legislative defeats that are trying to erase our humanity.


TransNetwork has shifted its priorities to making sure accurate and timely information is available to our Tampa Bay community. This need for immediate action has been our primary focus and the reason for developing our Town Hall presentations. We see them as a way to connect our disparate community, providing places to share, a time to heal, and a way to remind ourselves that we do not face these devastating obstacles alone.


Going forward, as we continue developing TransNetwork, we are asking the community to help inform us of what is needed and how best to move this organically growing grass-roots co-operative forward. 

There are seats at the table, and it is not a private event.


We decide our future together 

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